Complaints in regards to the failure of NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti

It isn’t unusual for customers to expertise some issues with a brand new product. Their complaints are sometimes amplified on social media and help boards till points are resolved. There appears to be some complaints in regards to the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics card to this point. The playing cards would fail at a excessive charge.

There isn’t a indication that there’s a downside with the whole Turing-based vary or with any specific stage of cardboard manufacturing. The reviews solely relate to the RTX 2080 Ti and never the RTX 2080. Each are constructed anyway on totally different bodily GPUs.

Many customers reported that their RTX 2080 Ti playing cards failed after getting used for a brief time period. Some even say that their playing cards have been useless on their arrival. Some customers have even claimed that they have been utilizing their second Ti RTX 2080 card.

It’s clearly alarming to study that some customers have had a number of playing cards in examine, others have them Acquired fully field. It isn’t unusual for somebody to get a single dangerous image, however many voices now carry the identical grievance.

NVIDIA doesn’t say that there’s a downside on a big scale with this specific card or the RTX household basically. "We work with the customers individually however we don’t see extra basic issues," stated a spokesman for the corporate.

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