Hey, look, it's a hamster wheel on your cat

A stationary life-style and a liking for lasagna have left your cat obese and lazy? After all, slaughtering canines on the edges of tables and sending cats to Abu Dhabi are sensible strikes, however what concerning the full physique exercise that your furry pal deserves?

That is the place the little cat is available in, pricey reader. This 1,800 greenback hamster wheel from South Korean Pet Ding Company guarantees to assist your feline burn these additional kilos. There’s a small, altering shade in the course of the monitor that the cat can chase, within the method of a laser pointer.

In the meantime, an Android / iOS software strikes the sunshine larger, relying on how shortly you need it to run. It additionally gives distance and energy burned.

That is the stupidest or brightest factor I noticed this week at CES. Truthfully, it's like day 5 000 within the collection and I'm very drained now, so I cannot say that a lot. On the very least, your cat will definitely recognize the massive ring as a metaphor for the futility of life. Make day-after-day like a Monday.

The little cat arrives in america on the finish of March.

 Cover CES 2019 - TechCrunch

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