Politics Distorts Flood Science

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printed within the Pacifica Tribune on June 12, 2019What's Pure

Politics Distorts Flood Science

On the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, Amerindian "mound builders" constructed Cahokia, the most important metropolis in pre-Columbian America. The aim of their mounds continues to be debated. Have been hillocks frequent refuges, strategic defenses in opposition to hostile assaults or monuments for ruling elites? I believe all the pieces above. Throughout hotter, extra arid durations and minor floods, the inhabitants of Cahokia has elevated. In 1250, its inhabitants was equal to that of London or Paris. Charles Mann wrote about Cahokia in his excellent e-book 1491: "Kings who’ve acquired their legitimacy by means of their need to regulate time would face indignant questions from their topics" when the catastrophic floods returned. Certainly, as extreme floods elevated, Cahokia was lastly deserted.

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